You can use two kinds of databases from the page of KEK Reports & Library
(KEK(J-PARC is included.) only).

2004/05/18    KEK Library

INIS (International Nuclear Information System) database is newly added.
Two kinds of databases can be used now from the page of KEK Reports & Library.
Users can use them without minding charges, and user ID and password are unnecessary.
Please use these databases by all means.

  1. INIS (International Nuclear Information System) database
  2. The INIS database provides an indepth source of bibliographic and abstract information dating back to 1970.
    The database contains over 2 million records, with approximately 80,000 added annually.
    This databasefs subject coverage is peaceful applicaions of nuclear science and technology.

  3. NACSIS-IR(Site License Service)
  4. In the information retrieval services of NII(NACSIS-IR), more than 50 million records of science information in all fields of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences have been accumulated for online supply to researchers.
    The site license system allows an applicant organization to use the information retrieval service and the electronic library service.

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